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Unconventional Reservoir Solutions


Unconventional Reservoir Solutions is a Brisbane Australia based provider of reservoir engineering and reservoir stimulation consulting services to the mining and petroleum industry in the Asia-Pacific region.  Our experience includes unconventional resources such as gas from coal as well as oil and gas from shales and naturally fractured reservoirs.  We can assist you in developing cost effective appraisal and development strategies for an unconventional resource. To achieve this, we can work in conjunction with your company's technical team or tap into an extensive, knowledgeable, and experienced network of associates and industry experts to bring rapid results.



Dr Raymond L. Johnson, Jr.



PhD Mining Eng , MSc Petroleum Eng, Grad Dip IT, BA Chem



Dr Raymond (Ray) Johnson Jr is Principal at Unconventional Reservoir Solutions. Dr Johnson has been involved with design, execution, and evaluation of reservoir stimulation treatments since his graduation from Texas A&M University in 1980.  He commenced employment with The Western Company of North America (later to become Baker Hughes) in Farmington, NM, and field engineered some of the first stimulations targeting the Fruitland Coal.  His 17 years with BJ Services, included key technical leadership roles including Region Engineer in Denver and Regional Technical Manager in Midland (Permian Basin). Dr. Johnson is highly experienced in stimulation design, execution and evaluation of coals, shales and naturally fractured reservoirs.

Dr. Johnson completed a MSc in Petroleum Engineering in 2000 from the University of Texas at Austin while employed with S.A. Holditch & Associates in Houston Texas, relocating with Schlumberger to Brisbane Australia.  His MSc Thesis was the first shale gas Thesis from UT relating to the Wolfcamp Shale and entitled, "A Methodology to Determine the Initial Field Development Strategy for a Naturally Fractured Shale Gas Resource." His US experiences include most commercial shale gas or CBM plays currently in production.  His PhD in Mining Engineering at the University of Queensland focused on applications of reservoir engineering and hydraulic fracturing to improve gas pre-drainage for coal mining, using example data from the Bowen Basin of Australia.

Since 1998, Ray has resided in Brisbane Australia and has been involved in the exploration, appraisal, or development of numerous tight gas, coal and now shale gas fields producing in Australia.  Dr. Johnson has been actively involved in the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE), was recipient of the 2011 SPE Asia Pacific Regional Technical Award for Production and Operations, the 2017 SPE Asia Pacific Regional Technical Award for Management and Information, and has co-authored numerous presentations and  publications on reservoir engineering and reservoir stimulation relating specifically to unconventional reservoirs. Ray can be reached at rayj@unconreservoirs.com.au.


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